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"There is a unique connection between children and animals..."

Bond can be defined as “a factor that can influence an individual’s well-being; a social relationship”. The human-animal bond has been studied for the past 50 years. And there is now a significant body of literature that shows the benefits gained from positive interactions with animals. This is a guiding force that shapes The Art Farm experience, as we’ve seen firsthand for over 20 years, the beautiful bond shared between humans and animals.

Campers spend every afternoon on our 5 acre farm in Sagaponack participating in riding lessons or interacting with our farm animals. Campers learn about the animals, how to care for them and how life on the farm contributes to sustainability.


Horseback Riding Lessons: Our very own horses, Phil and Thumper have grown up with us at The Art Farm and The Green School and love our campers. Socz joined our farm last year and is trained in natural horsemanship. As our philosophy is working with the "whole child," in this case, "the whole rider" we also believe in working with the "whole horse." In other words, we enjoy teaching about the horse with a holistic approach. Each horse has his own personality that the camper will get to know. Their relationship with the human, the interaction, feeling and reaction of the horse is part of the training. Each rider will learn how to groom, saddle and take care of the horse, in addition to riding. Most importantly, campers will discover and meet a new friend…with four legs and a tale!

Our instructors have 15+ years of riding and equine experience, coupled with a minimum of 5+ years working with children of all ages. Our instructors’ wealth of knowledge and ability to work with riders of all levels creates the perfect environment.

The Farm: Campers get to be up close and hands on with our farm animals. They feed, groom and take care of our furry family of goats, sheep, bunnies, pigs, chickens, horses, donkey and pony. They work side by side with our animal educator taking care of the animals. Campers also learn about composting, the importance of recycling and gardening.

Garden: Campers have a chance to tend to the garden, learn about composting, herbs, vegetables and gather flowers. They build recyclable garden sculptures and learn how to fertilize with organic products, incorporating all produce into our cooking lessons. We also teach about all of the creepy crawlies, their jobs and their importance to nature.