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The Art Farm is:o
Acceptance Responsibility Tolerance Friendship Appreciation Respect Mindfulness

Small groups and tailored schedules that meet the desires of each camper, create the unique Art Farm experience. Campers spend their morning on the water and the afternoon on our organic, sustainable farm in Sagaponack. Mornings are about being active, challenged, informed and fulfilled while exploring. Afternoons add a chance for creativity, time spent nurturing the animals, teamwork & fun; always combined with composting, reducing, reusing and recycling.

We spend our mornings learning how to wakeboard or paddle board, but we also learn about the shells, local wildlife and how to best care for our beautiful beaches, bays and oceans. In the afternoons, we spend time on our farm taking care of the farm animals by feeding them, cleaning their pens and giving them lots of love. Or we may choose to ride the horses, groom them and give them sponge baths. We can also get creative through art, photography, woodshop or cooking, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of our farm setting.
The Art Farm cultivates well-rounded campers, eager to try new experiences and connect with nature, while respecting their friends and building an awareness for their environment and surroundings.