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“We rise by lifting others.” ~Robert Ingersol

An integral part of The Art Farm's philosophy and principles is paying it forward. Our charity, Mari's Children, was established in 2004 and has been funding children's educational opportunities around the globe and locally ever since.

In support of the idea that we thrive by giving back to others, we offer this opportunity to campers. They're given the chance to give back to the community 5 times throughout the summer by participating in a community service activity from 3:15-4:45pm. A full schedule will be updated as activities are booked, so be sure to check back for updates. Activities will include:

  • Beach Clean Up
  • Food Pantry Stocking
  • Spending time with senior citizens
  • Horse Farm Clean Up  
  • Tending at a local community garden

Paying it Forward - Each student at The Green School pays it forward by sending a child to school for a year in Chiang Mai Thailand. The gifting of a year's schooling is built into The Green School's yearly tuition.

As a camper you will be able to help too. During camp we will have Farmer's Markets on a few Fridays for parents to purchase baked goods the children have made and goodies from our garden. All funds raised from the Farmer's Markets go to Mari's Children. We will also be offering other donation based programs to our community in order to raise funds.

This summer we are starting a giving back program through Art Farm on Wheels where we will come up with ideas, together with the campers, to raise money. This will be in addition to donating our time and help to different causes or programs in our community.

We also do an annual Ladies Night Out in the month of May where all proceeds go to Mari's Children.

Presently, we have sent 200+ children to school since 2004, when our organization was founded. Mari's Children is a not-for-profit organization founded by Mari Linnman, the owner of The Art Farms and The Green School. In addition funds are raised from our preschool at The Art Farm in the City as well as from summer camp at The Art Farm.

Mari's Children is an integral part of The Art Farm's philosophy of helping others. We are a completely volunteer organization that works with children in need all over the world. Our current projects are in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Costa Rica, and locally offering scholarships to our school and camp.

Mari personally sponsors her own trips to visit every project to make sure that every dollar you donate goes directly to children in need.