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Being comfortable in the water and enjoying watersports is essential to enjoying quality time in the Hamptons. We offer several opportunities throughout the weekly schedule to participate in watersports activities. This is an excellent opportunity to become comfortable and build confidence while learning and taking on new challenges - all while being outdoors and soaking up the sun!

FUN? Yes, endless fun with our friends, encouraging each other and creating memories! Beginners start with the basics and can try a variety of watersports as they gain confidence and develop their skills while more seasoned Riders receive individualized instruction to advance & improve.

Boating: Head to Noyack bay for knee boarding, wakeboarding, wake surfing, wake skating, wake surfing, waterskiing and tubing behind our Malibu boats.

Stand up Paddleboard (SUP): This summer, in conjunction with Jessica Bellofatto Yoga, campers will experience stand up paddleboarding with instruction through JBYoga. An experienced instructor will teach campers how to propel themselves across the surface of the water off Long Beach in Sag Harbor on these long surfboards. They’ll practice balance, core strength and have fun with relay races or gliding across the glassy water! Discover hidden jewels while exercising in a serene surrounding.

Boogie boarding: Have fun at the shoreline - ride the waves “barrel”, cut-backs or 360s! This is also a great way for beginner to feel confident in the water.

Our program builds confident beginners while offering the more experienced water sports enthusiast a playground to develop and build their skills. Expert instruction provides the perfect setting for those who are ready to push themselves to the next level.

Safety while having fun is our top priority! Maximum group size per boat is 6 campers with a Captain and Instructor. We supply rash guards, which are mandatory to wear while at the ocean. Respect for the water is mandatory and we insist that the rules set by the instructors be followed without exception. In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved we will ask any participants to leave if rules cannot be followed. Campers will be taught what to do in case of riptide, which is very important to know when you are in the ocean. Staff is CPR & First Aid certified.