We're a Red Tricycle Favorite!

Two's Program
The Bunnies Class
ages 2.3 - 2.9 years by Sept. 1st
9:30am - 12:00pm
Three's Program
The Turtles Class
ages 2.10 - 3.6 years by Sept. 1st
9:30am - 12:00pm
*Third day option available on Friday Tuition The 2's or 3's Full Year
2-Day/week program is $6,250
How to Apply Click here for application
Please submit application via email to christina@theartfarms.org or via mail attention: Pre-school Admissions.
After application is received, we will contact you to set up a tour with our director.
2 Day/Week Program

If you are interested in receiving an application please call to schedule a tour and an appointment for you and your child. This is a time for the parents, child, and director to meet. It is also a time for the parents to learn more about our program and to make sure this would be a good fit for their child.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to provide opportunities for our children to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in a WARM, LOVING and NURTURING FARM ATMOSPHERE. Our little students learn to become self-reliant and develop a strong self-image as we encourage everyone's various learning styles and interests. The incredible connection between children and animals can be used educationally to teach independence and responsibility.

Throughout the day the children are encouraged to socialize with their peers and work together in a classroom setting. Our program runs from September through May, and is based on a monthly theme curriculum. Every day the children participate in circle time, which focuses on the current theme, and work on basic concepts such as letters, colors, pre-literacy and pre math skills. Along with animal time on the farm, another favorite activity is cooking. Our little chefs cook once a week right in their classroom using organic ingredients and their own cooking utensils. We promote healthy eating habits when cooking in our kitchen and during snack time, and we also teach them how to recycle.

We feel learning through arts is very important. Our children participate in music every week and we are so happy to announce Bilingual Birdies will join our program this year. Bilingual Birdies is a unique language and music program for young children. Every other week your child will get this amazing language program which will begin to teach your child SPANISH set to music. Your child will get to sing a long with the guitar and play instruments with one of our own music teachers on the weeks that we don't have Bilingual Birdies. Art and movement are daily activities which enable children to express themselves and show their individual styles. We believe children learn through hands on learning and exploration through activities and we look forward to giving them a taste of the "Farm Life" right here in NYC.

Daily Schedule Choice Time 9:30am

Children can choose from an assortment of toys which are rotated through out the year, as well as manipulative toys, blocks, sensory table, easel time, and much more

Circle Time & Daily Lesson 9:45am

Greeting, song, calendar and focus on monthly theme

Art & Science 10:00am

Art, a time for the children to express themselves and show their individual styles and talents, also a time for sensory and scientific exploration

Snack Time 10:30am

Fresh fruit and organic snacks

Animals & Time on the Farm 10:45am

Hands on time with our animals, participation in farm chores and learning with our animal educators

Music, Movement, Cooking and Learning Centers 11:15am

One day a week, it's music time. Song & dance with The Art Farm guitarist or singing and learning Spanish with Bilingual Birdies, a bilingual music program. The other day of the week, it's time to cook with organic ingredients with recipes that revolve around our monthly theme or move in groove in movement, or play in our learning centers.

Goodbye Songs 11:55am Dismissal 12:00pm